Protection Barriers

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This defence system is a simple product that is easily and rapidly constructed to create effective and economical protective structures.
It can be built to any length and to any required height, given the capability of the available equipment and appropriate ground space. Rapid construction is a key feature of the product: a typical wall, which is equivalent to a wall of approximately 1500 sandbags, can be erected and filled by two men and a single common loader in less than twenty minutes. An equivalent wall constructed of sandbags would take 10 men 7 hours to build.
The Barrier can be filled with almost any infill material. Sand, rubble, rocks; available soil and even snow have been successfully used, though the ideal fill is a sand/gravel mix. This offers a high degree of protection and is easily handled.
The flat-pack design of this barrier allows for extremely efficient storage and transportation. In the civil field, it is widely used in case of floods and other natural disasters.

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