The history of the company

Rental of industrial platforms

The Italian company GENOVESE UMBERTO S.r.l. has been operating, from more than 60 years, in the retail market of spare parts for heavy and light vehicles, both in Italy and abroad. All over the years, the company has become a leader in rent and supply of industrial platforms and special trucks as well. The company was founded in Syracuse by Mr. Umberto Genovese in the fifties and, from the very beginning, it has become a point of reference for the local enterprises and workshops. The management of the company, now at its second generation, was handed down from Umberto to his son Maurizio, who has brought the company at the top of spare parts and special trucks trade market, thanks to successful strategies of expansion and development.

Products and services

Supplies of industrial vehicles

Today GENOVESE UMBERTO S.r.l. collaborates, both in Italy and abroad, with private customers and public authorities, signing contracts for the supply of spare parts and industrial-mechanical equipments, certified by attestations of satisfactory performance.
Highly specialized in the supply of FIAT/IVECO spare parts, GENOVESE UMBERTO S.r.l. is able to provide its customers with an amazing range of original, equivalent and OEM spare parts from the most esteemed manufacturing companies.
The supply of spare parts is still the core business of the firm, but at the meantime the company has expanded its range of activities to meet the new requirements of the consolidated customers, as well as the needs of new ones.
The parallel process of internationalization gave a huge contribution to its success as well. That is the reason why, today, Genovese Umberto S.r.l. is a leading firm in different market niches, such as the supply of:

- Industrial and workshop equipments
- Power generators
- Airport and military equipments
- Electric vehicles
- Housing modules
- Special trucks for sale and for rent


Where you can find us

For logistic reasons, in 2007 GENOVESE UMBERTO S.r.l. moved from its main office to two new structures, combining tradition and innovation with the company’s skills and manufacturing potential. The new main office of GENOVESE UMBERTO S.r.l. is based in Syracuse (Contrada Spalla).
There are two areas for renting and selling the different products supplied by the company, with customer-friendly large exposition areas, and an efficient computerized warehouse for storage. Everything is conceived to meet customers’ needs in the best possible way.
The power of GENOVESE UMBERTO S.r.l. is also based upon its team. Each member of the staff makes up the essence of the company and actively contributes to its success.

GENOVESE UMBERTO S.r.l. is able to communicate with its international customers in English, French and German.
Cooperation is our particularity; moreover many members of the staff have been working here for more than ten years. In short, Genovese Umberto S.r.l. has a big and tested team where everyone, though having a specific task, knows that he/she can rely on the all other members of the organization chart. Seriousness, timeliness, high quality assistance and top efficiency are the keywords of GENOVESE UMBERTO’s rise to the top of the most known, appreciated and reliable companies in this field



GENOVESE UMBERTO S.r.l. has recently won a prize by Confcommercio, as one of historical companies in Syracuse; furthermore, it has also obtained Certification of Internal Quality System according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.
GENOVESE UMBERTO S.r.l. is codificated NATO AD751.